How to Keep Your Customer's Attention

As an NSD, director, or independent beauty consultant you’ll often be in front of a crowd, either to present something to your unit members or to sell cosmetics at an event or makeup party. Unfortunately, people can zone out fast, with distractions all around them. For example, at makeup parties, most people are coming after a long day of work, and have food, drinks, their phones, and their friends as distractions all around them.

Don’t miss out on important sales because your audience gets bored! Use the following tips to learn how to engage your audience and keep their attention in order to get more sales and to gain new repeat customers.

How to Get Your Client’s Attention

First of all, go into your meeting or presentation prepared. Never wing it when public speaking is involved. If you have a plan you’ll be more confident and comfortable with addressing a room.

You can prepare by going over the new products you plan to introduce, and by putting yourself in your audience's shoes. What do they want to learn about?

Also, wear something bright and attention-grabbing. Studies suggest that red is a popular color that attracts attention. Try wearing red lipstick, a red blouse, or red jewelry to fill the room with energy.

Carry yourself tall, with good posture to look confident, and greet everyone with a big, genuine smile. When you speak be loud and energetic, with high energy and a strong voice. Keep your presentation short, but don’t rush through it.

Be sure to know what you’re going to talk about and avoid saying words like, um, uh, or like. These words can really make you lose people.

Mention the benefits of your products and hook people with words they want to hear, like "free," "discount," and "instantly."

Consider opening your presentation with a memorable quote. Good quotes actually played a major for Mary Kay’s success, and they’re still being used today.

How to Keep Your Client’s Attention

To keep everyone’s attention during your presentation make eye contact to connect with people. Eye contact is usually a great way to get people to put down their phones and tune into what you have to say.

Don’t be sedentary. Move around your presentation space and make hand gestures while you talk. People could get bored pretty quickly if you sit still in one place.

Keep your presentation entertaining and avoid speaking in a monotone voice. Add jokes or personal stories to your speech to seem relatable to your clients. Also, dial-up your excitement at different points to re-engage your audience.

If you notice someone drifting away to imagination land bring them back by pausing your presentation to give them a direct compliment. This will break the 4th wall and invite people into your talk, so they’ll feel like they’re apart of it, and not like they’re simply observing from the sidelines.

Another way to engage your audience is by asking them questions. Ask questions that are related to what you’re talking about or about their morning makeup routine or how they’re applying their eyeshadow to give them new and helpful techniques.

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