How To Sync Your InTouch Account with UnitWise

Chances are that if you’re an independent beauty consultant, NSD, or Director then you have a lot of contacts. You have your leads, your customers, your unit members, friends, family, and more all on your phone.

How do you keep all of those people organized?! Hopefully, you have an app for that, and you aren’t carrying a contact book around like it’s 1992. If you need a way to organize your contacts UnitWise and InTouch can help.

What’s InTouch

InTouch is the Mary Kay management program that’s offered by Mary Kay. If you have a Mary Kay account, then you probably have access to InTouch. With InTouch, you can do things like order more products and manage your customers, but the program has a few gaps with unit management.

What’s UnitWise

UnitWise is the complete beauty consultant business management solution. It covers everything from email marketing, messaging your unit members, managing your contacts, managing your inventory, accounting, and more. It fills in the gaps that Intouch has, and even gives you free access to MyUnitBuzz, the all inclusive unit communication app. Everything you need is kept in one convenient location, right at your fingertip with UnitWise. Plus, with its innovative mobile app you can check in at your business at any time, from any location.

Syncing Your Customers From InTouch to UnitWise

The developers at UnitWise have you in mind, which is why they made transferring your contacts from InTouch to UnitWise an extremely simple process.

All you have to do is log into your UnitWise account, click the Customers tab, click Customer’s Center, and click sync. You have a few options as to what information you would like to pull from InTouch. For example, you can transfer your contacts names, names and email addresses, or email addresses only to fit your personal preferences.

If you have contacts in both UnitWise and Intouch then click the overlay option to make sure that you don’t import contacts that you already have.

Once you’ve selected the sync option that works best for your needs then click the ‘Sync InTouch Customers’ button. All of your Intouch contacts will be transferred to UnitWise in the background and you can actually work on other parts of your business with UnitWise during this quick and easy process.

Client Management With UnitWise

With UnitWise all of your clients have their own individual profiles where you can add notes about them. For example, you can list information about their skin type, family, or hobbies. This way when you call Jennifer to see if she would like to reorder a product you’ll have notes detailing if she prefers to be called Jen, and can ask about how her 5K training is going.

If you took notes about her dry skin, you can offer her a new type of moisturizer. These notes will give you the ability to be an involved sales person who seems to really care, instead of someone just trying to push a product.

You can also organize all of your clients into different groups, and the names of your groups are 100% customizable. You can create a group for your leads, repeat customers, matte lipstick lovers, and more.

Then you can target those groups with marketing emails to entice them to buy. For example, send an email to your leads offering them a 10% discount on their first order, or send a buy 3 get 1 free coupon to your matte lipstick lovers group.

Best of all, the emails have an easy-to-use template that you can easily drag and drop any images into. You can create them in a matter of minutes.

Get Started With UnitWise

Take advantage of your free 15-day trial with UnitWise today to see how it will help you save time while effectively managing your entire business. It’s the personal assistant you’ve been waiting for that will assist you with keeping up with your clients, unit, invoices and billing, marketing emails, and more.

*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®. 


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