Customize Your Inventory With UnitWise

We know that business owners are particular. They like things done a certain way and that way often leads to success. Even when it comes to inventory. In the beauty consulting world there are hundreds of different products to keep up with, so having your products exactly the way you want them can be a hassle, unless you use UnitWise to customize your inventory.


UnitWise is the complete business management solution that’s specifically designed for NSDs, directors, and independent beauty consultants in order to help them save time while easily managing their business. It includes a ton of innovative features for accounting, invoicing, email marketing, inventory management, and more.

Plus, UnitWise is mobile. You can use your smartphone to check in on your business and unit at any time, from any location.

Inventory With UnitWise

When it comes to setting up your inventory with UnitWise, relax, because little to no setup is involved at all. UnitWise already has the complete list of Mary Kay products and the list updates when new products are released, so you don’t have to add anything.

Plus, your InTouch orders from up to the past 45 days can be uploaded in the background and your inventory levels will automatically adjust.

However, you will need to match your inventory with your quantity on hand when setting it up so it will match future physical counts, but don’t worry, this process is quick and simple. With the bulk edit feature, you can edit all of the inventory levels at once by double-clicking on the "Quantity on Hand" number.

When searching for a product you can type in its name, product number, or part description. Whichever method to help you find the correct product the quickest is generally best.

Speaking of finding products quickly, you can add any items that you would like to your Hot Sellers list. When creating an invoice or receipt you can click ‘Hot Sellers’ to quickly pull up your custom list of products to add them.

As you know, you need to keep up with your inventory levels to know when you need to reorder something or not, and some products move more quickly than others. That’s why-why you can set an ideal reorder level for each of your items.

If you have a matte lipstick that quickly sells out every time you can set its reorder level to 10, and if you have a hand repair cream that moves slowly you can set its reorder level to 3, no one will know your inventory better than you, so you’ll know which reorder levels are best.

Simply run your Shopping List report as often as you would like to see what items you have low inventory on.

You can also create custom product groups to keep all of your items organized. For example, if you want everything that’s a shade of coral grouped together you can create a coral group and add all of the items you would like to it. You can also group all your shimmering lipsticks or your lotions together. The creative possibilities are endless, and totally up to you.

Also, UnitWise gives you the freedom to create your own collections, bundles, and gift baskets, so you can sell items together. List 3 shades of blush together, create a custom foot case basket, make a collection of your favorite items, and more. Again, the creative possibilities are endless. These sets can be should together and split up if need be.

Try UnitWise Today

Take advantage of your free 15-day trial with UnitWise to instantly see how you can customize your inventory to your personal preferences. Keep your inventory any way you want it, right at your fingertips on your smartphone or computer. Plus, you can check all of the awesome features UnitWise has to offer like expense tracking, updating social media, contact management, and more.

*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.


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