Finding The Right Shade Of Foundation


We are taking things back to the basics because as you teach potential clients about makeup at your makeup parties or do some consulting work you will quickly realize there are a few people out there who don’t know where to start with makeup. In order to educate the masses to get more sales, use our makeup guides to teach beginners everything they need to know. Today’s topic is finding the right foundation.


Finding The Right Foundation

It’s important to explain the difference between foundation and concealer because it’s extremely common for ladies to think that they are the same thing. Foundation is what you use to cover your entire face and concealer is what you use to cover dark spots like bags under the eyes or acne.

There is a little bit of debate over whether you should use concealer or foundation first. Some experts suggest using concealer first to evenly cover dark spots, and others suggest using it second, so you’ll end up using less. In the makeup world, less is always more to avoid looking thick and cakey.

Also, you want your concealer and foundation to match or to be close in color so they will blend well together. Otherwise, you might need a 3rd shade to prevent any noticeable overlapping of colors while blending.

The overall goal is to find a shade of foundation that matches your skin tone. Getting a shade that’s lighter than your skin can end up making you look like you’re wearing too much makeup or chalky.

Also, picking a shade that’s too dark can make you look orange, or overly tan. When it comes down to the wire and you have to make a quick foundation decision always go with the shade of foundation that’s slightly darker. Never go lighter.

To see what color truly matches your skin tone test a little of the foundation on the back of your hand or chest. However, it's important to test the color in an area that has natural light. Your skin doesn’t always look the way it does under bright fluorescent lights in the makeup store. Remember, you can walk outside of the store to see how closely different shades of foundation match your skin tone. Just don't walk out while holding any products!

When in doubt ask for help. The associates in makeup stores know what they’re doing. They will walk you through the foundation matching process step-by-step. However, at the end of the day, it’s important that you pick the shade that you like the most. Wear your makeup with comfort and confidence.

Be sure to pick the right type of foundation as well. Do you have oily or dry skin? Because that makes a difference! You may need a powder foundation to soak up some oil or a liquid one to moisturize your skin. Foundations in stick form are for highlighting and contouring.

Use the right tool for applying your foundation. Fingers are fine for applying foundation as long as you make sure to evenly apply it. It’s better to use either a sponge or a makeup brush with angled bristles. For powder foundation, it’s best to use a fluffy brush for a light finish.


Turn Beginners Into Pros

Get more sales by teaching beginners everything they need to know about makeup. Once they realize how easy it is to use they will be hooked and might even become lifetime customers. Remember to start with the basics, and foundation is always a great topic to cover.

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