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Who uses checks anymore? Gosh, who even carries around cash anymore? This makes it a little difficult for those in the beauty industry to get paid. When you’re at a makeup party or out in the field how do you process your transactions? You have to have a way to process a card, and that’s one of the many ways UnitWise can help.


UnitWise is the complete business management solution specifically designed for NSDs, directors, and independent beauty consultants, like yourself, in order to help you save time while efficiently managing every aspect of your business. Forget about hiring a personal assistant when UnitWise has innovative features for accounting, email marketing, unit reports, invoicing, inventory tracking, online payments, and more.

Payments With UnitWise

With UnitWise you can accept payment at any time as long as you have an internet connection with the help of ProPay, the safe and secure credit card processing service. ProPay takes the extra step to make sure the card holder’s information is safe by making the card information invisible as soon as it’s entered.

To complete a transaction simply hand your smartphone to your client and let them type their information in. Then once the transaction has been completed they will receive their receipt via email.

However, we know that some people may not feel comfortable typing in their information on your phone, that’s why you can get the ProPay Jak. It plugs right into your phone and your clients can simply swipe their cards to complete their transaction.

If your client needs a payment plan to complete their transaction then you can create a payment plan for them with an invoice. Remember, a receipt is for a completed transaction, and an invoice is when customers don’t pay for their total in full.

It’s incredibly quick and easy to create an invoice or receipt with UnitWise. Products can be added in the blink of an eye because you can search for their name, product number, or description to add them. Discounts can also be entered and we will handle the math for you.

Your invoices are 100% customizable to easily fit the payment plan that you and your client agree on. The due date for each of your invoices will be tracked by your UnitWise account so you can be reminded when payment due dates are near.

The Invoice Due report will let you see all of your outstanding payment plans so you can see which invoices are due soon, giving you enough time in advance to notify your clients.

But wouldn’t it be nice for clients to be able to just log in on their own to pay their invoice online? Well with UnitWise they can. Simply follow the easy step-by-step guide to create your own UnitWise site to post a link to the UW Payment Hub or email it to them.

You can either create a login for your clients or they can create their own. Then when their invoice due date is near they can sign on and see their open invoices to make a payment. Once payment has been made the invoice will be marked as paid via the UW Payment Hub, so you can keep up with it for your records. 

Simplify Payments With UnitWise Today

Why wait? Sign up for your free 15-day trial with UnitWise right now to see how easy online payments, invoices, and more can be. Once you test out the amazing business management features for yourself you’ll wonder how members of the beauty consulting industry function without them!

*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®. 


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