Take Control Of Your Inventory With UnitWise


It’s no secret that managing inventory can be a hassle. Especially in the makeup industry when there is a large variety of products to keep up with from lash volumizers to primers. On top of that, it’s important to keep track of what items are low, top sellers, gift items, and more.

Put an end to inventory frustration with the help of UnitWise to neatly organize your inventory in one convenient location. UnitWise is the complete business management solution, specifically designed for those in the beauty industry like NSDs, Directors, and independent beauty consultants. It has a ton of time-saving management features for accounting, unit progress, email marketing, inventory management, and more.

Inventory Management With UnitWise

UnitWise serves as one central place for you to manage everything that has to do with your inventory, and it’s even easy to get started with because UnitWise already has a full list of Mary Kay products. The list is even updated when new products are released.

Plus, you can easily import all of your orders from InTouch up to 45 days after they’re shipped to automatically update your inventory list. Or you can edit your entire inventory according to your physical count on hand with the bulk edit feature.

The bulk edit feature provides an entire list of your inventory with its quantity in stock. You can simply work your way down the list and edit the inventory levels according to your count to update your total inventory in a matter of minutes.

With UnitWise inventory levels correspond to your invoices and receipts. Every Time you make a sale the items listed on your electronic receipts and invoices will be automatically deducted from your inventory.

It’s easy to quickly add the products that you need to your receipts as well. You can search for them by name, product description, and SKU. You can also add items to your hot seller's list to be able to find them even faster.

Your inventory is actually 100% customizable. You can create custom groups to fit your personal preferences. For example, you can group all the shades of pink makeup together or all of your lip glosses.

Also, you can set your ideal inventory level to remind you when you’re running low on certain products. Then before you place your wholesale order with InTouch simply run your Shopping List Report to quickly see what products you’re running low on.

If you have an item to sell that’s not a Mary Kay product or want to create custom gift baskets simply add them to your UnitWise inventory list. The process is fast and easy. Items from your gift baskets can be sold as individual products as well.

Then there are a number of reports to run to see how certain products are doing and to track your finances. These reports include Top Selling Products Ideal Count Cost By Category, Annual Product Purchases, and more. Simply log into your account to quickly run a report for any time period.

Get Started Today

Don’t hesitate to take control of your inventory. Sign up for your free 15-day trial with UnitWise today to see how easy it is to conveniently organize and track your inventory. Plus, you’ll gain access to tons of business management features for expense tracking, financial reporting, your personal website, weekly accomplishments, and more.

*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.


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