UnitWise Is Your Perfect Personal Assistant


We know that you’re one busy lady. The beauty consulting industry seems to never sleep as new trends and products frequently emerge. Then on top of that, you have your own inventory, sales, and unit members to keep up with.

If it feels like there aren’t enough hours in a day then you may consider hiring help to assist you with everything that you need, but you may also want to consider using UnitWise.

UnitWise is the complete business management solution specifically designed for those in the health and wellness industry. It has a ton of innovative features to help you save time while managing your inventory, financial tracking, unit reports, and more.


UnitWise, Your Personal Assistant.

Inventory management is easy with UnitWise because you can update your previous orders from InTouch up to 45 days after shipping. Plus, you can quickly edit your entire inventory with the Bulk Edit feature to make sure your entire inventory matches your physical count for an accurate quantity on hand.

Every time you create a receipt or invoice then the items on those tickets will be automatically removed from your inventory to keep your numbers up to date. Plus, you can create your own custom gift baskets to add and sell.

As far as keeping track of your unit goes you can have their W.A.S reports automatically imported from InTouch on a weekly basis and you can run your own reports on their sales. You’ll always be up to date on their progress and how they’re doing.

You’ll also never miss an important date. Your dashboard will update you with important updates as far as your unit’s birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Then you can instantly send out an email to celebrate!

Speaking of emails, it’s actually incredibly easy to use UnitWise to create marketing emails. You can use the template to upload custom images and customize the font. Then you can schedule your emails to be sent out in advance to prepare for holiday sales.

Plus, all of your contact information will be kept in one convenient location. Every time you need someone’s email address or phone number you’ll be able to pull it up in a matter of seconds. If you need to talk to more than one person then instantly use UnitWise to create a free conference call.

If someone misses out on the call, don’t worry about taking notes. You can automatically record the call and post it on your UnitWise website for your unit to listen to and catch up on later.


Try UnitWise Today

Why wait? Sign up for your free 15-day trial with UnitWise today to instantly see how much time you can save with their innovative features. Why get a personal assistant when UnitWise can keep track of everything for you?

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