Simplify Managing Your Unit

You know what can be a handful? Your unit! Along with managing your own inventory, sales, marketing emails, and more you have to keep up with their progress as well. Each unit member is unique and requires personal attention, advice, and rewards for doing a good job. How do you keep up with it all?

The answer is easy, with the help of UnitWise. UnitWise is the number 1 beauty industry business management solution that's specifically designed for NSD’s, directors, and independent beauty consultants. It has innovative features for accounting, financial tracking, W.A.S reports, social media, and more.

Managing Your Unit With UnitWise

UnitWise serves as one central location to keep all of your contact’s information. Simply search for one of your unit member’s names to instantly pull up their phone number or email address in a matter of seconds. 

Also, UnitWise recognizes that your unit members aren’t just your colleagues, they’re your friends. That’s why UnitWise will help you never miss a beat by providing reminders about upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Then you can quickly send out a celebratory message to your entire team.

Accomplishments also need to be monitored and celebrated, which is why you can import W.A.S reports from InTouch on a weekly basis or your unit members can generate their own weekly accomplishment reports to send to you. The reports will list the sales for the week, bookings, hours worked, and more so you can easily track their progress.

There are also a variety of reports you can run to see how your unit members are progressing. A few of these reports include Court of Sales Unit Totals, New Unit Members, and Consultant Quarter Tracking.

Need to call a quick meeting? Don’t panic about hunting everyone’s information down to individually message them. You can instantly send and email or text message out to everyone in your unit at once.

If you can’t meet in person simply schedule a free conference call. Send your unit members the dial in code via text or email. They can dial in as they arrive, and won’t disrupt the call if they’re late. If someone can’t make the call, you can record it for them and post it on your personal UnitWise site.
By signing up for UnitWise you’ll get access the MyUnitBuzz, the mobile app that makes it even easier to manage your unit. With MyUnitBuzz you can group or individually message your unit members on your phone, and upload important training documents for them to access at any time.

You can also use the app to design a custom career path for your new unit members and to assign unit goals to your team is always working to reach new levels of success. You can also check in on your unit’s progress as they work towards their goals so you’ll know when to step in to provide them with guidance or a celebratory message.

Simplify Managing Your Unit With UnitWise

Why wait? Sign up for your free 15-day trial with UnitWise today. As a result, all the tools you need to manage your unit will be placed in the palm of your hand. You’ll be able to instantly communicate with your team, assign unit goals, create career paths, view detailed reports about their progress, and more!

*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®. 


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