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Oct 31, 2017

Best Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Tutorials of 2017

Happy Halloween!! Honestly, this is my favorite time of year! It is always so much fun getting together with friends and transforming into someone else for a night. We love seeing the best last-minute Halloween makeup tutorials of 2017. While some years we planned this evening for weeks, other years we are guilty of last-minute Halloween costume planning.

So if this year is turning out to be one of those, don’t wear a black dress and cat ears and call it a costume. Here are some super easy makeup ideas using MK products. These Halloween makeup tutorial videos guide you through every step of your transformation.

Best Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Tutorials of 2017

Belle and Ariel_web.jpg

Princess Belle

Princess Ariel

Do you want more than this provincial life and an adventure in the great, wide somewhere? Then join the tale as old as time with this princess makeup tutorial. Ma Chere Mademoiselle it is with the deepest pride and greatest pleasure that I welcome you today to this unique beginners makeup tutorial. Today is your day in the sun and enjoy being a Disney Princess! Transform into Beauty and the Beast this Halloween!

Click here to watch!
Whoa! Mermaid off the port bow! While the human world is a mess life under the sea is better than anything we got up here. Don’t be a poor unfortunate soul this Halloween and transform into Princess Ariel with this Little Mermaid makeup tutorial for beginners.

Isn’t this great?! The salty seas air, the wind blowing in your face. Aaaah, today is the perfect day to be a mermaid!

Click here to watch!


The Queen of Hearts

Listen well all of you! This villain has indeed grown in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But hopefully, she won’t cast a spell causing you to prick a finger. *Ouch*
This stunning beauty equipped with razor-sharp cheekbones, horns, and of course the power to wield magic. Use this tutorial to complete your Maleficent costume this Halloween.

Click here to watch!
Our next Disney villain has a slight anger management issue so don’t let her lose her temper or it will be “off with her head!” Her Majesty, the Queen of Hearts is complete with her ruby red lips, crown, and of course an army of playing cards. Use this easy makeup tutorial for beginners will complete your Red Queen costume this Halloween.

Click here to watch!

Easy Mermaid Makeup

Autumn Fairy

Take a dive with this ethereal creature but beware of drowning. No matter the occasion you are sure to make a splash with this easy mermaid makeup tutorial! All you will need is your MK makeup palettes and a wig cap or fishnets.

Click here to watch!
Join me on a magical journey! Follow me beyond the garden wall through the forest in pursuit of this enchanting autumn fairy! Complete with vibrant autumn colored leaves, flowing brown hair, angelic face, and of course a flower crown. Use this tutorial to complete your fairy costume just in time for Halloween.

Click here to watch!

Pastel Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

Blast off into space with this interstellar pastel galaxy makeup tutorial for beginners! This look is super easy to achieve PLUS it will last all night long!

Click here to watch!

We hope you have enjoyed our Halloween makeup tutorial series and we wish you a fangtastic evening. But no matter what spooktacular events you have planned UnitWise will be here to supply you with the latest in MK news, beauty advice, and business management solutions. You are booootiful!

Please like, share, and comment down below what you thought about these tutorials and let us know what we should do next!

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