Fall Makeup Trends of 2017: Do’s and Don’ts

Fall is a great time to try a new look and changing your makeup routine is the easiest way to do that! The power of makeup is endless with its ability to transform but then wash off completely. To help you find your new fall look we have separated the hits from the misses.

Fall Makeup Trends You Should Try or Leave Alone

As we enter a new season, a massive amount of new trends have left us in a state of awe. But also asking, “why?” From squiggle eyebrows to geo lips, the pretty but strange beauty trends don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. To help in the pursuit of keeping your clients on trend here are four makeup trends for fall 2017.

Unique Eyebrows

Do Don’t

Natural full browsUnnatural shapes and designs

If the eyes are the window to your soul, then the eyebrows are the curtains. I am a huge fan of the fuller more natural eyebrows of 2017. From the catwalk to the office women are sporting more natural-looking arched brows. This trend is a welcomed transition. From the thin pencil brows of the early 2010’s and 2016’s exaggerated arches comes a more natural look.Alongside these natural brows are the barbed wire, squiggle, and carved eyebrows. While I cannot claim to be a fan of this trend, there is no denying they are fascinating. If you have kept up with trends on Instagram, you have undoubtedly noticed the squiggle invasion. 

Fall Inspired Eyeshadow

Do Don’t

Fall Leaves Color scheme Color blocks and floras

Incorporate autumnal colors into your makeup routine. Add burnt orange, burgundy, and warm chocolate brown shades into your eyeshadow routine. Smoky eyes with black eye shadow are beautiful. This fall, try using a burnt orange in the crease of clients' eyes and smudge it along the lash line. This trend is terrific for celebrating the transition to fall.I can’t say I ever envisioned gluing dried flowers to eyes as a makeup trend. While this eye makeup looks like a work of art, I can’t say it was ever a good idea. Making this my number one trend never to recommend to clients.

Blocked eyeshadow has swept the world of fashion and social media this fall. While we all love a good smokey eye, this trend looks bizarre and unblended.

Fresh Face of Fall

Do Don’t

Light foundation, contouring, and highlightingBlack contour and faux Freckles
Many women make the mistake of not adjusting their contour during the change of season. Summer is a great time to sport bright colors and darker contours. For a natural fall, look to adjust your contour shade to two shades darker than your current skin tone. Create a light dimension and higher cheekbones by applying softer colors and even blending.The faux freckles trend keeps growing. Not satisfied with regular freckles there are now rainbow, glitter, and metallic freckles. We are all for embracing natural beauty, but this trend is going too far. If your clients love freckles, suggest natural tone pencils or temporary tattoos. Freckles give off a fresh, natural, and youthful look.

Unless considering black contouring for your Halloween makeup, stay far far away. Black contouring and higher don’t go together. Three words: Silly putty highlighter--just stop.

Fall Lip Colors

Do Don’t

Rich color and ombre lipsGeo and lollipop lips

The ombre style has been making a steady resurgence in the past few years. From hair, nail art, and now lips. I am a huge fan of this look because it naturally gives more dimension and pout to your lips. This fall try using different hues and merge colors once you are satisfied with the result.

Fall is a perfect time to try using rich hues in place of bright colors.
I cannot believe lollipop lips are still a thing. Lollipop lips or the smudge look surfaced earlier this year during fashion week. Recreate this look by coloring outside the lines and smudging the lip color…. No, really I am serious. It might not be the look you want your clients walking out of your party with.

In comparison to the lollipop lips, geo lips are more refined. This look is beautiful but impractical and a bit weird. Making your soft lips look rock hard is far from my ideal.

As an MK consultant or director, we understand how important it is to stay up-to-date on the latest makeup trends. During your next consultant meeting share these dos and don’ts of fall makeup trends. We hope you have enjoyed these new make trends of fall 2017. 

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