How to Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Website For The Holidays


Let's face it; people make snap judgments. On average, individuals will form the first impression about a person or website in 1/10th of a second. It is essential to invest time and energy in your MK business website before the hustle and bustle of the holidays set in. Take advantage of your UnitWise website and learn how to create an aesthetically pleasing website for the holidays with these tips!

What Makes an Aesthetically Pleasing MK Website?

So what makes a good web design? Here are six web design principles that will make your MK business website easy to use, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

1. Define Your Purpose

A well-designed website understands the needs of the user and as an MK Director or Consultant, your website must cater to those needs. The pages of your website need to have a clear purpose and fulfill a specific requirement. If you create a page for your clients to view and order products that goal must be clearly displayed.

2. Clear Communication

Clients and Unit members visiting your website want information quickly, so it is vital to communicate clearly. Make information easy to find and read. One way to efficiently organize your information is by using headlines, sub-headlines, and bullet points in place of winding sentences.


3. Choosing Typography

Your choice of font style is also a part of clear communication. Some fonts are easier to read online and deliver a clear message of professionalism. Sans Serif fonts like Arial and Verdana are easier to read quickly unlike Times New Roman. Whichever font style you choose to use it is essential to continue the style throughout your website.

Avoid using the font Comic Sans, the main reason being it lacks formality. You are an MK Director or Consultant and want your MK business to be taken seriously in order to succeed.

4. Color Scheme

One of the best aspects of designing your MK website with UnitWise is creating your color scheme to match your business and personality. A well-thought-out color palette will go a long way to enhance your client's experience. Complementary colors are used to create balance and harmony while contrasting colors are best used for text or backgrounds for easy reading.

Vibrant colors are typically used to create emotion but should be used sparingly. Don’t be afraid of white or negative space; it is essential for creating a modern and uncluttered look.

5. Images

Choosing the right image for your MK business website will help to connect with your clients and unit members. Be sure the pictures you are using are professional and displayed clearly.

6. Pattern Design

Studies have shown that individuals scan websites in an “F” pattern. Most of what your clients will see is in the top left-hand corner of the screen while the right side is rarely viewed. Keep this in mind while designing your MK business website and mimic the natural flows of the readers.

It is easy to create a beautiful and efficient MK website by keeping these elements in mind. Having an MK business website can be the most efficient way to keep you connected with potential customers and your Unit. Here at Unitwise, we make creating your website straightforward with no complicated HTML coding. Start designing your business website today!

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