How to Become a Director Faster Starting Now!


It is the dream of every MK Beauty Consultant to become a Sales Director and now you can do it faster! The tips I will be sharing have helped individuals become Directors in as little as 90 days! So without further ado, this is how to become a Director faster starting NOW!

“Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you…. It’s this spirit that makes people great. Be doers, not wishers. Have the will to win.”
- Mary Kay Ash

Director In Qualification (DIQ) Requirements:

  • Active Beauty Consultant with good standing
  • 10+ active members the month before qualification
  • Star Consultant during previous quarter or current quarter
  • Submit commitment form: 8th -10th of the first month of qualification

The Road to Sales Director:

  • Minimum of 24 Active Unit Members
  • $18,000 Cumulative Unit Production
    • During Qualification Requirements:
    • Minimum $1,800 to $4,000 Personal Sales
    • Minimum $4,000 Unit Sales
    • Minimum 10 Unit Members (not including Director in Qualification) must contribute a minimum of $600 each the during qualification period.

Motivation is the Key!

You have to make up your mind that you are going to finish what you have started! When you have something to work towards you can achieve anything. Think of the reasons why you want to become a Director…… Got it? Good! Now write it down in list form. Keep that list with you at all times and read it every day!

Take Command of Your Future

1. Attend All Functions

Attend weekly meetings and bring a guest or two each time. By attending these meetings, you are showing your Director and sister Beauty Consultants much-needed support. Plus, your guest will be impressed by the personal stories of those attending!

2. Set Goals

Having a list of goals is important for not only your MK business but every aspect of your life. Where do you want to be financially? Create a goals poster to remind you of your goals.

Don’t forget to place one on your refrigerator!!!

3. Personal Evaluation

How can I improve? This question should be applied to your business as well as your personal appearance. As sad as it is to say people make snap judgments based on someone's look and attire. Pay attention to your wardrobe. When you host a makeup party or virtual event your dress should be professional. Moreover, your makeup is a reflection of your MK career.

Self-evaluation is key to progress or growth.

4. Include Your Family

Talk to your family about your career goals and allow them to support you on your road to success. You can become a Director by disciplining yourself, but it is easier when you have the support of your family.

Ask your husband or significant other to cook dinner tonight so you can focus on serving customers and booking classes.

5. Weekly Accomplishment Sheets (W.A.S)

Record your accomplishment in your UnitWise account and review your WAS reports on a daily basis. Use this to determine how much your earned from facials, classes, and reorders. Understand where you need to improve.

With your UnitWise account, you can view your WAS at-a-glance report to see your bookings, new member count, and so much more!

6. Be a Sponge

Our blogs are a wonderful resource you and your Unit should take advantage of! We have blogs on recruitment, social media marketing, sales tips, makeup tutorials, and so much more. Spend the time to read and research all the information you can. Soak it up and apply it to your business.

7. Tame the Chaos

It’s simple --- January is the time to organize! Organize your office and your products. This will help you to keep up with your clients and products as your begin your upward climb.

8. No Excuses

I believe this is fairly self-explanatory. Never say die ladies! You got this! #LadyBoss

9. Don’t Lose Focus on Who is Important

Your job as an MK representative no matter your level is to be there for your clients. During your title pursuit don’t lose sight of who matters in the end. Focus o taking care of your clients and the rest will follow.

10. Get to Work Ladies

You gotta walk the walk! Book, sell, recruit, and repeat. Go above and beyond every step of the way and never give up. Your friends at UnitWise are here to help support you every step of the way!

Changing Your Life Starts With One Step in The Right Direction

If you are not a member of the UnitWise family now is the perfect time to join the thousands of MK ladies already benefiting from our innovative features. Sign-up for your free 15 day-trial with zero obligations today!


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