The Ultimate Success Guide to Facebook

Sit back, relax, and let's chat a little about your day. How much time did you spend on Facebook today? Too much, right? As MK Independent Beauty Consultants or Directors, it is important to have a strong social media presence. So here is your ultimate success guide to Facebook.

The Ultimate Success Guide to Facebook

Many of you start out strong on your Facebook sales pages/groups and slowly over time; you begin to notice a decrease in likes and a general loss of engagement overall. Don’t worry that is ok! This is entirely normal; you need is a way to pick up engagement and get your Facebook page/group rocking again!

Adding People to Your Group

You probably hosted a contest or giveaways of some kind, and your friends/family added others to the group to increase their chances of winning. It is true that adding people to your group is a quick and easy way to boost your virtual client base, but in reality, it does two things.

  • First: It is sad to say, but some of the people added to your group have no interest and were irritated about being added.

  • Second: Your Facebook group or page numbers are huge, but the engagement continues to be super low. 

My advice is never to host a giveaway to add members to your group. Only invite those who would be interested in MK and encourage your current members to do the same. It will be slow going by it will be genuine organic growth that will prove beneficial in the long run. 

Content With a Purpose

“Huh?” It is ok if you do not understand what I mean by content with a purpose. Once you see you will be filled with new and creative ideas.

When you communicate with your group, you are most likely providing them with MK product information or things of that nature. However, if you were to change it up and provide useful information related to your products think about all the comments you will get. Here are some ideas!


Show your clients how to organize their makeup collection. Think outside the box and share a behind-the-scenes look at how you manage to store all of your products. This is an excellent idea for January and early February while people are trying to organize their daily life!

Product Maintenance or Care:

Show your followers or group members how to keep their makeup brushes clean and sanitized. Literally, the possibilities are endless!

Beauty Tutorials:

Share makeup tutorials with your clients to show them all they can do with MK. Share out-of-the-box photo and video ideas your followers/members will go nuts for more.

Everyone Likes to Share Experiences

Your posts should prompt your members to share. Whether it is a story, photo, or just a funny meme. People love having the opportunity to share their personal experiences and views.

Make Your Clients Feel Special

This does not necessarily have to relate to MK, but special events will enhance your client's experience. For example: Send a special message, make a special post, or invite clients over for a personal makeup on their birthday. Or host a little game where the winner receives a few sample items.

Build Your Online Presence

Since people love to share their experiences, lives, and opinions, you can easily encourage Facebook engagement day with these post ideas! At UnitWise we are always here with ideas and tools for growing your MK business year-round.

Want more ideas for selling your MK products on Facebook? Click here to learn how to turn your open house into a virtual experience.

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