20 Simple Tricks to Really Make Your Eyes Pop


I could give you a speech about how your eyes are the window to your soul, but I will just summarize by saying that they are the key to any look. So to make the most out of your pretty peepers, here are 20 simple tricks to really make your eyes pop this summer.

20 Simple Tricks to Really Make Your Eyes Pop

1. If you are struggling with a soft eyeliner pencil either switch to a smudge-free liquid eyeliner or draw a thick line on your hand and use an eye brush to apply the pigment.

2. Table your black liner for a vibrant colored liner for your waterline. This will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

3. Apply an off-white or champagne shadow to the inner corners of your eyes.

4. Apply a highlighter or off-white shadow to your brow bone directly under your eyebrows.

5. Apply foundation then concealer under your eyes for better coverage.

6. Correct any eye makeup mistakes or sharpen your eyeliner with your handy dandy Q-tip.

7. Use an eyeshadow primer to your lid before applying eyeshadow.

8. Instead of brushing on your eyeshadow press the shadow onto your eyelid with your brush.

9. Choose a lighter tone concealer to camouflage any fine lines or wrinkles.

10. A blue eyeliner will make your eyes appear brighter by accenting the whites of your eyes.

11. Use coconut oil under your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

12. For a more dramatic eye look apply a darker shadow to the crease.

13. Instead of using a brush or sponge, use your ring finger to apply foundation and concealer gently.

14. Navy blue shadow makes brown eyes stand out.

15. Peach or salmon eyeshadow makes blue eyes pop.

16. Gently rub an ice cube around your eyes in the morning to reduce puffiness.

17. Don’t be afraid of extending your eyeshadow past your crease for a more dramatic effect.

18. Change out your mascara every three months to avoid spider-leg-looking lashes.

19. Violet eyeshadow really makes green eyes pop.

20. Never use liner on your upper lid in the inner first third of your eyes. It makes eyes appear closer together.


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