How-to Tuesday: Receive Payment for a Single Invoice when Multiple Invoices are Open

You start the weekend with a successful party, recording the most sales of any party you’ve organized yet! Monday rolls around and you finally have the time to review all of your open invoices. Later in the day, you receive payment for one of these orders.

If you have multiple open invoices and receive payment for one of these invoices, there’s no need to worry that receiving a single payment will impact the rest of your open invoices. UnitWise allows you to receive payment on a single invoice when multiple are open!

In today’s “How-to Tuesday,” we’ll be reviewing how to receive payment on a single invoice when you have multiple open.

To view all open invoices in your UnitWise account, click “All Open” under “Open Invoices.” This can be found by clicking “Invoices” under the “Customers” tab.


Here, you’ll find a list of all open invoices and their corresponding due date.

Click “Receive Payment” to the right of the invoice you have received payment for.



Input the payment type and select which account you would like to deposit the payment into, then click “Save.”

After clicking “Save,” you will receive a notification that the payment was successfully saved and the status of the payment will change to “PAID.” Additionally, Unitwise will automatically adjust the customer’s balance on their customer profile and the balance of whichever account you deposited the payment into.

The invoice will automatically move to the “Paid Invoices” tab, while the rest of your open invoices will remain the same under the “All Open” invoices tab.

Heroes Inside Tip:
Click here to learn how to receive a partial payment with UnitWise.


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