MyUnitBuzz: Changing the Way You Connect with Your Unit

Busy bees, haven’t you heard the buzz about MyUnitBuzz? It’s the new communication app specifically designed for NSDs, directors, and independent beauty consultants to improve communication with their unit members.

MyUnitBuzz is full of revolutionary features to give directors the ability to stay connected with their unit members while motivating them, teaching them, and growing their businesses. Because MyUnitBuzz is a mobile app, directors can check in on their unit members at any time. Check out the following features to see how they can benefit your beauty consulting business.


One of the first features we would love to tell about is the chat feature, because it provides a place inside of the app for you to instant message with your group members. You can create group chats or individual one on one chats to instantly ask for updates. Best of all, the messages are kept inside the app, separated from your texts to keep personal messages and business related messages apart.

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar serves as the personal assistant everyone needs because it easily helps you schedule and manage events. You can add, change or remove appoints, meetings, or parties at any time. Also, you can use the calendar to send out all of your invitations to your event at once, and you can send reminders about it too. Plus, you can use the event calendar to assign tasks to your unit members to complete during the event, to keep track of your RSVP’s, and answer any questions about the event.

Unit Goals

MyUnitBuzz gives you the tools to keep your unit motivated with the Unit Goals feature, which gives you the ability to create customized goals for each of your unit members. This will give them something to work towards, and you’ll be able to monitor their progress. Step in to send your unit members a message of encouragement or a congratulatory message when they complete their goals at any time.

Unit Career Path

Starting a new career can be daunting. New employees often don’t know where to put their feet on the ground. Take your new Unit members under your wing and guide them to success by building them a custom career path, with short term and long term goals for them to complete.

Document Library

Place everything your unit members need right at their fingertips by uploading important documents and training materials to the document library. You can upload .pdfs and .docs for everyone to see on their smartphones and tablets, giving unit members the ability to reference the documents at any time to find the answers to their questions, or to brush up on their training materials.

Image Library

Every unit has a few members who love to take photos, and with MyUnitBuzz they can post and share their photos in the image library to keep the photos in one location. Whether the photos are from parties, events, or award functions, they can be accessed at any time by your unit members to enjoy. Also, images for email marketing campaigns and new sales can be stored in the image library as well.


Need to get the word about an upcoming meeting out? Then use the message feature to send your entire unit a message all at once. Each message has a subject line, that will appear as a message notification on your unit member’s smartphone. Once they click on the notification they’ll be taken to your fully detailed message inside of the MyUnitBuzz app. You can include


We take security seriously, which is why we created the Invite/Access feature. You’ll be able to choose who can access your unit’s information with the ability to accept or deny access requests. Also, you can send your unit members invitations via email with a temporary password. Everything stored in the MyUnitBuzz app will be for your unit’s eyes only.

Social Media

Are you having trouble keeping up with all of your business related and personal social media sites? Then use the social media feature to keep track of all of your business-related social media accounts. Each account is kept in one place so you can instantly post updates and photos right from your smartphone and tablet.

Special Recognition

To be a good director you need to be a good leader, and being a good leader includes showing your unit members that you care about them. The special recognition feature allows you to view all of your Intouch reports, so you’ll have access to your unit’s birthdays, anniversaries, sales, achievements, and more to never miss an important date. When an important date or achievement occurs be sure to send out a message to your entire unit to celebrate and show that you care.

Get Started With MyUnitBuzz

If you’re a UnitWise member you and your unit members can already download and access MyUnitBuzz for free! If you aren’t a part of the UnitWise family you can download the app and access its features for a monthly fee of $2.95, and it will be free for your unit members to download and access.

However, you don’t have to commit to a plan, you can use our 15-day free trial to test out MyUnitBuzz’s innovative features for yourself.


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