The Top Reasons Why NSDs and Directors are Choosing MyUnitBuzz


Let's cut right to chase. There’s a new, innovative app on the beauty consulting scene, MyUnitBuzz, and it’s growing in popularity. It’s exclusively designed for NSD’s and directors in order to fill the gap in communication that often occurs between directors and their unit members.

Other apps designed for the beauty consultant community generally only focus on the management aspect of the business, unlike MyUnitBuzz which helps you connect with your unit members while guiding them to success.

Plus, MyUnitBuzz has intuitive features that directors and their unit members can’t get enough of! Check out the following reasons why Directors love MyUnitBuzz.unit

1. They can stay in touch with their unit members

MyUnitBuzz is a mobile app, so once a director and their unit members download the app to their smartphones they’ll instantly be connected. Directors will be able to check in on their unit members at any time to see their sales progress and send them a quick message.


2. Directors can share photos and more

With MyUnitBuzz directors can instantly share photos, announcements, and reminders. When an important update needs to be made directors can send out a quick message to their entire unit at any time, from any location.


3. MyUnitBuzz Improves Communication

Other apps for directors focus on business management with no communication tools, while MyUnitBuzz has not one, but two communication features.

With the messaging feature directors can send out a message to their entire team, and the subject of their message will appear on their unit member’s home screens as a notification. When they click the notification they’ll be taken to the detailed message inside of the app.

The chat feature allows directors to send instant messages to their unit members both individually and in a group.

4. MyUnitBuzz Stores Everything in one Place

When a new unit member joins the team, they often need to do a lot of reading and research before going out to make sales. A lot of time is lost while they search google for information, or request documents from you via email.

MyUnitBuzz puts an end to unorganized chaos with the document and image library features. Important documents, training materials, and images can be stored in the app to give your unit all the information they need right at their fingertips. They’ll have instant access to the materials that they need to answer their own questions.

5. MyUnitBuzz is the Perfect Event Planning Assistant

By using the event calendar feature directors can schedule an event for all of their unit members to see. The calendar can also be used to send out invitations to events or parties via email and to send out reminders about them. Plus, directors can use the calendar to assign event tasks to their unit members to complete and to keep track of RSVPs.


6. Directors use it to Track Unit Goals

Directors use MyUnitBuzz to keep their unit members motivated by assigning them custom goals to complete individually or as a group. The goals can be either short-term or long-term, and directors can take a peek at their progress at any time. They can step in to help with words of encouragement and send out an accomplishment message for their whole unit to see once a goal is met.


7. Keeping up With Social Media is a Breeze

MyUnitBuzz keeps all of your favorite social media sites in one place, so you can instantly post updates and photos. The social media sites are kept in the MyUnitBuzz app, separated from your other social media apps that are logged into your personal accounts. This way your personal social media profiles aren’t kept with your business profiles, and you won't have to log in and out or switch profiles every time you want to write a quick post.


Try MyUnitBuzz for Yourself

NSDs, directors, and their unit members just can’t get enough of MyUnitBuzz. The innovative features simplify communicating and connecting with their unit members. Use your complimentary 15-day trial to see how the features improve communication with your unit members.

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