Introducing Free Conference Calls

In the beauty consulting community communication is key, but unfortunately, it’s difficult for NSDs and Directors to get their entire unit together at once. Even when unit members all live in the same city it’s hard to get everyone to meet at the same time, so imagine what it’s like when unit members are spread all across different states, with different time zones!

That’s why UnitWise made it a priority to help NSDs, directors, independent beauty consultants, and their unit members have better communication with free conference calling.

First, Here is a Little About UnitWise

UnitWise is the total business management solution specifically designed for professionals in the beauty consulting industry to help them save time while effectively managing their entire business. UnitWise has tons of innovative tools for email marketing, contact management, inventory management, free conference calling, and more.

Conference Calling With UnitWise

When you and your unit can’t meet in person get on the phone! At anytime you can plan a conference call and generate a code to send to your unit members via text or email, and they can use that code to dial into your call.

Planning the call in advance will give your unit time to clear their schedules and make the call. You can also send out reminders for it. Plus, you can hold conference calls as often as you would like, with an unlimited number of attendees.

If someone is late to the call, don’t worry! You won’t have to start the call all over to add them in because they can dial into the call with their code.

UnitWise’s conference calls also offer a variety of features. For instance, each call is automatically recorded, but to can stop the recording and restart it at any time. You can also mute attendees, take attendance, add a guest speaker, and more. The user guide can be downloaded and given to your attendees at any time.

Your Call Recording

Don’t worry if someone can’t make it to your conference call, you don’t have to take notes for them, or work to get them up to speed because UnitWise records your calls and allows you to share them.

Once the call is over you can log in to your UnitWise account and retrieve the recording, then it can be easily shared. All you have to do is copy the HTML code and paste it to your website and send a link to your site via email.

Don’t be intimidated by ‘HTML’, we have made this process extremely simple for you, so you’ll only ever have to copy and paste the code to instantly share your recording with your Unit members via email or on your personal site.

Also, you can make your site private, so that only your unit members can log on and listen to the recording.

If you don’t want your call to be recorded simply hit 5*3.

Try UnitWise Today

UnitWise can be the best personal assistant you’ve ever had as it simplifies managing every aspect of your business, from accepting online payments to helping you build your own personal website. UnitWise can do it all! Take advantage of the free conference calling feature and more with UnitWise’s free 15-day trial!


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