The Gayle Story: A Tale of Mary Kay Success

Today we have a special feature to celebrate one of UnitWise’s successful Mary Kay Independent Sales Directors, Gayle Hibbert. She quickly climbed the ranks from simply selling cosmetics as a hobby to becoming an Independent Sales Director, while using UnitWise and more recently, MyUnitBuzz.

Gayle is truly an inspiration with her tale of Mary Kay success. Read her story to see how you can boost sales and grow your business with the help of UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz.

How Gayle got Started

Gayle started selling products as a hobby after her daughter recruited her. Gayle signed up to give her and her daughter something to share, given she had recently relocated to Colorado from Tennesse where her daughter lived. Selling skin care and cosmetics actually turned out to be a great opportunity for both of them; however, Gayle wasn't selling products full time.

Gayle had no intention of working her business full time. She initially agreed to join her daughter's team after trying the skin repair set since the elements in Colorado are rough on the skin.

Using the Mary Kay skin care products was a great idea because it got her in the game to begin working her business more full time. Now she’s an Independent Sales Director with 34 unit members all over the country and enjoys going to Seminar with her daughter, who she’s encouraging to become a Director as well.

Gayle and UnitWise

UnitWise is the comprehensive web-based program specifically designed for NSDs, directors, and independent beauty consultants. It's full of time-saving features to help you manage your inventory, create marketing emails, keep track of online payments, store information for your unit, and more.

Gayle actually discovered UnitWise while attending Seminar, because her National Sales Director was there using the program. That fact that her NSD was using the app really built her confidence in it, so she decided to give it a try for herself.

UnitWise helped to overcome her marketing frustrations. It helps Gayle keep track of her unit members, which are scattered across different states. UnitWise also helps her and her unit stay organized and up to date with new events and information. Best of all, UnitWise focuses on the entire business, not just the products.

With UnitWise, Gayle doesn’t have to be attached to her computer or keep up with tons of different files, because it is a mobile program that she can upload her entire database to. No matter where she is the information she needs is on her mobile phone, right at her fingertips.

According to Gayle and her unit members, UnitWise is incredibly easy to use, and they all love it. Plus, Gayle found that UnitWise has an incredible support team. They take their time to answer her questions, and they’re very explanatory. If she finds a problem then it’s fixed within a few hours and the heroes at UnitWise really listen to her and take her suggestions seriously. Plus, they even took the time to help her customize her personal site.

When asked about her favorite UnitWise features Gayle explained that she enjoys the event calendar, because it provides a place for her unit members to grab important dates on their own. Also, it provides a central location for pertinent documents and important training materials for her unit members to access at any time.

Gayle and MyUnitBuzz

MyUnitBuzz is the total communication app designed to make it easier for directors to connect and communicate with their unit members. It’s full of intuitive features for group messaging, scheduling events, updating social media on the go, motivating your unit members, and more.

Gayle was a little reluctant to download MyUnitBuzz at first because she didn’t want to overwhelm her unit with a new program, but she said it was actually a ‘piece of cake’ to download and use.

This communication app helps Gayle to stay connected with her team and makes it easy to quickly respond to inquiries and send out group messages. She uses the app to keep her Mary Kay photos separated from her personal ones and enjoys how MyUnitBuzz is an on-the-go version of the website that puts important information in the palms of her unit’s hands.

Morgan, Gayle’s new assistant, explained how it’s extremely easy to upload and access important documents, and Gayle often tells her unit members that everything they need is in the app.

MyUnitBuzz helps Gayle lead her unit because it fills the communication gap that often occurs between directors and their unit members. Other apps, like InTouch, don’t offer communication.

Gayle explained that one of biggest challenges that new consultants face is trying to find and read training materials, but because MyUnitBuzz keeps everything in one place it's extremely helpful when new members join the unit. They save time and don’t have to spend hours researching to learn about the beauty consulting industry.

Also, Gayle shared that it’s important to invest in your team. She doesn’t know how directors lead without a central hub to keep information in and to communicate with. Gayle really wishes that she had these tools when she was first starting out because they really help to simplify managing and organizing her business.

Try UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz Today

UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz are both incredible programs that simplify every aspect of business management in the beauty consulting world. They will help you market and promote your business, help you keep track of your inventory, simplify communicating with your unit members, allow you to easily share important documents, and more.

If you’re a UnitWise member, you and your unit can download MyUnitBuzz and access its features for free. Not a part of the UnitWise family? That’s fine, you can download the app and access its features for a small monthly fee of $2.95, and it will be free for your unit members.

However, we offer a free trial period of 15 days for both UnitWise, and MyUnitBuzz, so you can see how their revolutionary features will help you grow and manage your business without any obligations.

*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.


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