On-the-Go Makeup Essentials for Surviving the Day

Keeping a well-stocked on-the-go makeup bag is a busy business women's best-kept secret between meeting with your unit, parties, marketing, and last-minute weekend road trips, you need to be ready for anything with quick touch-ups. Here are six beauty essentials to add to your on-the-go makeup bag, be prepared for anything your day has in store.

1. Oil Absorbing Sheets:

Blotting papers are an excellent way to whisk away any sweat and oil without adding more product to your face. Adding additional layers can build up over the day making your face appear cakey. Keep oil blotting sheets in your bag to quickly dab over your face to soak up any excess oil without messing up your makeup.

Pack oil absorbing sheets are a lifesaver during the summer but are still very useful in the winter.

2. Foundation and Concealer

Keep a light to medium coverage foundation and concealer. Most likely you will already be wearing foundation, so when you add any additional layers on top, you don’t want it to be too thick. Use the concealer for any touch-ups and to freshen up your eyes. Because we all have experienced the occasional pimples, under-eye bags, and slight redness.

If you are worried about any accidental spills, try using a contact lens case, use one side for your foundation and the other for your concealer.

4. Red or Nude Lipstick

Depending on if you want a more dramatic look pack a red lipstick or for a fresher natural look select a nude lipstick. Use it for touch-ups throughout the day, or if your going out with your friends pull a superhero-like day-to-night transformation.

If you like a dramatic flare pack a small case of eyeshadow for touch-ups and to add drama.

5. Perfume

Instead of carrying a full bottle of perfume opt for carrying a small sample bottle or purchase a rollerball. They are perfect for your makeup bag because they are small and you can avoid any accidental spills.

Sephora has an amazing selection of rollerball perfume and they offer free samples before you buy.

6. Dry Shampoo:

Over the day your hair can get flat and oily so be sure to pack a mini version of your favorite dry shampoo. Personally, my favorite is the original Batiste. Hold the bottle about 10 -12 inches from your root. Separate your hair into two-inch sections and spritz lightly. If you haven’t used dry shampoo before, don’t be put off by the white powder simply blend it in by working your fingers through your hair. Lastly, use a hairbrush to help work the formula into your hair to give you that polished look.

Also, consider packing a miniature bottle of hairspray.

We here at UnitWise hope you have enjoyed these tips for your on-the-go beauty bag. For more beauty blogs, please visit UnitWise.comhttp://blog.unitwise.com/ and please share what beauty essentials you have in your makeup travel bag in the comment section below.


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