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Nov 15, 2017

What's Next After Your Holiday Open House?!

Mary Kay Director wrapping holiday gifts after holiday open house

So, you had a successful MK holiday open house! Congratulations! I knew you could do it. But what's next after your holiday open house? Here is what your Heroes at UnitWise recommend following your Christmas MK presentations.

What's Next After Your Holiday Open House

Make a List:

Type up this list on your computer and save it where you will be able to find it each year:
  1. What was the theme of your holiday open house?
  2. What did you enjoy most about your open house?
  3. What items sold the most? What items sold the least?
  4. What did you not like or what didn’t work well?
  5. What gift packages sold well and what didn’t?
  6. Types of gifts bought --- friends, family, or coworker?
  7. What snacks did you provide?
  8. Did people enjoy your snacks and beverages?
  9. How was your timing? 
    1. Day of the week
    2. Time of the month
    3. Did you start early or late?
  10. What marketing strategy did you use?
  11. Was your strategy successful?

This list will help during next year's planning. It will remind you of what you did well and what you wanted to change. It might be a little silly sounding but you will be surprised how much you will forget in a year. So next year look back at your notes and plan an even better party.

Personal Wish List

Do you remember that personal wish list you had your client fill out during your open house? Great! Now is the time to start following up by calling their husbands, daughters, or whomever they suggested. Do it soon before they finish their holiday shopping done.

What should a Mary Kay Consultant do after her holiday open house

Private Appointments

Call the clients who could not make it to your open house, and invite them to your home for a private appointment where they can see your MK holiday line. Be sure to have a small display ready for them to view and be prepared to show them trending holiday makeup looks. Once you have established a specific time decide where they would be most comfortable. I highly suggest your home but a nice alternative is a laid-back coffee shop.

Now until December 25th is the biggest holiday sales season of the year. If you have the time consider participating in a gift show or open a booth at your local holiday festival. We hope you had a fun and profitable holiday open house! Please like and share this blog with your unit in preparation for next years open house.

Comment down below and share your holiday open house experience!

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