Things You Need to Hold an Amazing Holiday Open House

Sleighbells ring, are you listening? The holiday season has already started! This time between Halloween and Christmas can be one of the most profitable times in your Mary Kay business. You are offering a personal gift-giving service that is hosted in a cozy environment instead of crowded stores. Your clients range from young to old and women to men. We recommend you take this time to organize an open house. Here are the things you will need to hold an amazing holiday open house!

Things You Need to Hold an Amazing Holiday Open House


The perfect time to host your open house is mid-November because it is early enough for your clients to start their holiday shopping. Plus they still have lots of friends and family to still shop for. Be sure to send out an invitation, and then follow up with those you invited by phone. This will give a more personal touch and encourage commitments. Please do not rely on clients just showing up or calling you to RSVP.

Wrapping Station:

In the weeks prior to the event, you will need to pre-wrap lots of different gifts and organize them, so you will know what they contain. Emphasize pre-wrapped gifts to your clients and be sure to set up an area where you can wrap up anything additional or create customized baskets.

For the pre-wrapped presents and baskets be sure to organize and label them like $15, $20, and $25, so it will be easy to find the appropriate gift for teachers, co-workers, and stocking stuffers. In advance let your clients know that these are made up and ready to go.

Holly Jolly Atmosphere:

Your clients and people in general buy with their senses. So pump up the Christmas vibe hard! From how you present your products to the music playing and of course adding the smell of fresh-baked cookies. You want your clients to feel they just walked into Christmas and put them into the mood to buy.

I recommend burning a strong holiday fragrance candle to help set the mood. Play low holiday music and have your home fulling decorated for Christmas. Serve a light refreshment like freshly baked Christmas cookies with a holiday punch. Or go the extra mile with warm apple cider. Place your cider in a crockpot and just add cinnamon!

Your Products:

Knowing what to sell will have a massive impact on the success of your holiday open house. Your Mary Kay gift sets under $20 and $25 will sell best, but it is essential to prepare a variety of prices. Have the products within each box displayed out front with samples so they can see and test what intend to buy.

Goody Bags:

Each client/visitor should be given a goody bag on entry. It should include samples, an Mary Kay catalog, Mary Kay Christmas wishlist, and personal Mary Kay wishlist. On the personal wish list ask them casually to submit their phone number and include a separate line such as their husband's number. There is a perfect way to approach him late with your gift services such as the 12 days of Christmas boxes idea. You can include the products she wanted in the boxes giving a personal touch. However, be sure they give you their personal wish list when they leave!!

When you plan ahead and start preparing your holiday open house early, it can be a fun and profitable experience your clients look forward to each year! For all of your planning needs, UnitWise is here for your every step of the way!

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