Unique Ways to Sell MK this Holiday Season


The holidays are right around the corner jingling all the way, and savvy MK Directors know that you need to start planning your holiday sales strategy now. Start your planning early and focus on your day-to-day operation with these unique ways to sell MK this holiday season. Start the season off right by launching a profitable holiday marketing campaign today.

Unique Ways to Sell MK this Holiday Season

Charity Party:

Christmas is not only the season of gifts, but it is also when people start donating to various charities. Host a special MK party where a portion of the proceeds will be given to your favorite charity. Your clients do their holiday shopping while donating to a good cause. 

Holiday Stop ‘N Shop:

This idea is for perfect for those of you who have less than 100 clients. Call everyone you know and say “I will be in your area this week and I would love to pop-in for a quick 15 minutes to show you the wonderful gift ideas MK has this season. I have something for everyone on your list, plus I gift wrap and deliver the presents for you.”

Offer a special promotion for your hostesses such as ½ on any item or 25% off their purchases.

Encourage them to share this opportunity with friends by offering 10% off their order for every friend attends this short party. At the end of the Stop ‘N Shop ask the attendees to fill out a profile card for an additional $5 their total purchase.

Quick Reusable Holiday Display:

Take a brow MK box or large box and wrap all sides with Christmas wrapping paper. Use this to transport your products to your holiday parties and once you have arrived lay down a solid color tablecloth and place your products on/around your box. Take your display to the next level by setting a couple of Christmas ornaments around your box and next to your products.

Pre-Made Gift Baskets:

I can not possibly stress how important it is to make several types of baskets each with a different theme based on customer preferences. Make baskets for those passionate about skincare, eyeshadow, and makeup, and one specifically for men. Gift baskets are perfect for shoppers on the go during the holiday season and of course the perfect solution for husbands and boyfriends everywhere.
Holiday Season Recruitment:

MK Directors can use the holiday season as a recruitment opportunity. One idea is to have a promotion that says something like: “Put some Jingle in Your Pocket this Christmas” and then list ten wonderful reasons to start your MK journey this holiday season. Encourage clients to start their own business as an independent beauty consultant today!

Plan Your Holiday Strategy Today!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go! So as we enter the biggest sales holiday of the year, your Heroes at UnitWise will be here to support you every step of the way. From unique marketing ideas to expert makeup advice for wowing your clients. This year use UnitWise to schedule client consultants, Stop ‘N Shop's, product orders, organized individual makeup preferences, create gift certificates, and so much more!

Don’t have an UnitWise account, yet? Click here to sign-up for your free 15-day trial and see how we can help to improve your day-to-day business!


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