How to Easily Debunk Reasons Not to Sell Mary Kay

When you tell someone you are an Independent Beauty Consultant, a Director, or an NSD, you are often met with common misconceptions people have about the MK opportunity. Here is how to easily debunk reasons not to sell Mary Kay. Whether you are new to the MK community or a pro, these explanations to negative connotations may help you gain your next recruit!

How to Easily Debunk Reasons Not to Sell Mary Kay

#1: Pressure to Buy Large Inventory Packages

Some believe that when you sign-up with a recruiter or Sales Director, you will be pressured to buy large inventory packages. Then once you do purchase the large package, they will only insist on spending more money next time.

As a Director, you should wait a week before suggesting any large packages to your recruits. The Mary Kay® Starter Kit is only $100 and has everything they need to start their very own MK business. Trust me when I say that your recruits will not thank you for being overly pushy when it comes to them buying products. They have their own budgets that they can afford.

Some Sales Directors might be pushier than others, but most are very understanding and down to earth.

#2: Cheaply Made Prizes

This is just simply not true. Your unit might have their own door prizes or small prizes for meeting short-term sales goals. But these prizes are completely separate from those offered in the MK magazine at the start of the sales year. The prizes offered to all MK consultants range from diamond jewelry to traveling luggage.

#3: No Time for Family

What other company allows you the ability to make your own schedule, pick your own products, schedule your own parties, and be a part of a family like MK? Many people suggest that when you start working in MK, you lose the time you would usually have for family. To debunk this myth I will quote Mary Kay Ash, “God first, family second, and career third.”

Family was very important to the founder Mary Kay Ash. Her family was the reason she started this company so that she could support her family in the wake of her husband’s declining health. Why would she ever want you to give up yours?

#4: The Pink Cadillac Is Not Free
While you do need to meet certain sales requirements to earn the pink Cadillac, what other company out there gives away free cars for working hard and reaching a goal?

MK gives Independent Beauty Consultants who make their sales goals a brand new, fresh off the lot car. They will even include the insurance.

#5: You're On Your Own

One of the biggest criticisms of MK is the loneliness you feel when you join. When you join MK, you will be set up to sell products, and that is it.

That is a big ole nope. As a Director, you should explain the closeness of your family. Your fellow Unit members will support you during your parties, give you tips, and advice to sell more products, and be there to have fun right alongside you. MK even holds an annual Leadership Week to gather its numerous Directors and NSDs around just to show them new strategies and ways to improve teamwork and Unit building.

When you join MK, you are never alone. You will join the millions of others ready to help women and men around the world feel more confident about themselves.

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