3 Simple Date-Night Makeup Looks You Need To Try

Getting ready for a promising date can feel like a painstaking process, but with a regular skincare routine and MK makeup, you’ll leave the house in love with your look.

Before we get started with any look be sure to hydrate your skin. Take the time to cleanse and hydrate your skin deeply, so you have a healthy glow the entire night. Plus you won’t wake up in the morning with regret.

Fall For These Date-Night Makeup Looks

1. Smoke Signals:

The classic smokey eye is by definition dramatic. Up the drama even more by concentrating the darkest pigment on and around your upper eyelids. The classic smokey eye, on the other hand, is darkest on your crease and outer corner of your eyes while the lids are kept light.

Application Tip:

When you try this look at home start with your eye makeup, then move on to everything else. The black powder will definitely require at minimum a little cleanup.

What You Will Need:

Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color
Matte Coal
Sterling (Shimmer)
Mary Kay® Gel Eyeliner With Expandable Brush Applicator (Black)

2. Light Up The Room

Who needs romantic candlelight when you have your handy dandy highlighter? After you see yourself in full glow-y glory, we’re sure you will be obsessed with an all-over luminous look for your next date night.

Add just a bit of sculpting at the outer corner of your eyes and under your cheekbones to create dimension, but not enough to stand out. Add a touch of mascara, then the rest of your look is about light.

Apply a touch of silver shadow along your tear ducts, a pearl highlighter to your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. Complete this look with an opalescent sheen on your lips for a glowing look that will make heads turn.

What You Will Need:

3. A Modern Romance

How could we create a date-night makeup tutorial list with the quintessential romantic makeup staple –– red lipstick? Heck, there are those who say it makes you look younger. Sometimes there is no need to reinvent the wheel, but it’s definitely nice to freshen up this look.

What You Will Need:

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