Anatomy of a Leader: Qualities every Consultant needs to Conquer their Mary Kay Business

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." 
-- Maya Angelou --

Whether you are a Mary Kay National Sales Director or striving to become one, we can all learn more about the characteristics that make up a strong leader. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, but their anatomy can be quite similar.

Here, we’ve summed up what we think to be the most important leadership qualities:


Great leaders aren’t just smart. Sure, that helps, but it goes much further than that. Leaders are avid learners, meaning they’re constantly looking to adapt and learn new things. This form of adaptive leadership helps them achieve goals quickly and efficiently so that they can stay on track when working to achieve their goals. 

What have you learned this month that can help your business or team grow?


Every strong leader needs a clear purpose and vision. Excellent vision allows leaders to see their goals lying before them. Keep your vision sharp by being consistent with your Weekly Accomplishment Sheets. Sometimes even leaders need glasses to help them see, let UnitWise help you see your goals more clearly with the Weekly Accomplishments Feature under the “My Unit” tab.


Leadership is just as much a passive role as it is an active one. A strong leader understands this and knows to listen to their team and customers. They listen for feedback, criticism, and doubt. This month, watch how encouraging your team members to engage with you by listening to their input helps your Mary Kay business grow!


Just as important as listening is communicating. Strong leaders are also strong communicators. How can you improve communication with your team? Maybe try starting a unit newsletter, where you share important dates and challenges with your team.

You can do this quickly and easily by utilizing your UnitWise Resource Library! What about communication with your customers? Try encouraging customers to interact with you on social media by including a Call-to-Action in all of your social posts.


Leaders need strong, broad shoulders to carry the weight of their responsibility. Mary Kay Directors and Consultants carry a lot of responsibility. Don’t be scared to delegate tasks and ask for help when necessary!


Just because you aren’t a bodybuilder doesn’t mean you aren’t strong! If you are a bodybuilder, you know that comparison is the thief of joy. A strong leader has muscles that allow them to see the strengths, not limitations, of others. 

When was the last time you complimented your team?


This may seem like an obvious one! We all know Mary Kay Directors and Consultants have a lot of heart. They are truly passionate about their work (one thing their UnitWise Heroes love about them). There is an emotional component to leading others. People want to be led by someone they know believes in them. Show your team you appreciate them by showcasing them on your UnitWise website or social media.


Lead by example. Don’t expect your team to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself. Share your success story with them and the tips and tricks you have learned along the way so that they can follow your lead.


When was the last time you re-evaluated or adapted your leadership style? Use this checklist to see if you meet the characteristics of a strong leader. If you miss any of the above steps, don’t worry!

Leaders are rarely born, they’re made over time with experience and yes… mistakes. Try to see how you can implement these characteristics into your leadership strategy, but don’t get discouraged if you trip up along the way!

Think we missed something? Tag us on Facebook so we can see what you think makes up a great leader or share your favorite leadership strategy!


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