Celebrate Mother’s Day with UnitWise and Ways to Celebrate Events with your Clients all Year Long

Mother’s Day is only a few short days away and the UnitWise Heroes are ready to celebrate mothers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you work the traditional 9-5 with Mary Kay on the side or run a full-time Mary Kay business, we appreciate the mothers that make up our UnitWise beauty community.

Spring is an exciting time! Along with Mother’s Day, there’s a new Mary Kay summer release on the horizon, graduations, along with weddings and wedding anniversaries to plan for! With all of these events, Spring is one of the best seasons to focus on increasing your sales.

Celebrating with your clients is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales. So, in honor of Mother’s Day, the UnitWise Heroes are celebrating moms with tips for increasing sales, not just this weekend, but for all upcoming spring celebrations.

Set your Website up for Success: 

Create a web page using your UnitWise website dedicated to the event you would like to celebrate or redesign your entire UnitWise website. A UnitWise website comes with 61 different themes, including themes for each season and holiday. Pick a theme that represents the holiday or event you are celebrating.

To add a page to your UnitWise website, click “Edit Site” under “My Website” under the “Social Media” tab. Once you are redirected to your UnitWise website, click the purple plus sign to add a page. You will then be prompted to set page settings, including naming the page.


Now, have fun with your new page! For example, if you decide to create a page for Mother’s Day, consider bunching together bundles of products perfect for any mother. If you need help brainstorming mom-approved gifts, check out Mary Kay’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Promote your page or website by posting on Social Media and sending out an email or text blast to your unit and customers.

Gift Guide: 

Mary Kay did it, why can’t you? Try creating your own gift guide to share with your customers. This is especially helpful for your male customers who may feel lost buying a gift for their mom or wife.

Add a unique touch to your gift guide by creating your own bundle categories. For example, a gift bundle for “The Active Mom,” may include sunscreen and hydrating lipstick, while a bundle for “The New Mom'' might include the “Skinvigorate Sonic Facial Massage Head” and a mini masking set.

Send your gift guide out using the UnitWise “Contact Groups” feature. This will allow you to group certain groups together, such as grouping all of your male customers as one contact group or a contact group for all of your May anniversaries and birthdays. This feature can be found under “Contact Group” under the “Customers” tab.

To create your own gift bundles in UnitWise, head to the Inventory tab and click “Add Product.” To create a bundle add your product to a collection by selecting “Product Collection?”


From here, click “Itemize” to add other products to this collection.


Once you have added the desired products to your collection, give your collection a name in the “Product Name” text box and select a category from the “Product Category” drop-down list, and click “Save.”


Make sure you include the Part Number and the Suggested Retail Price, which will automatically impact the Fixed Whole Sale and the Whole Sale Price. Your new collection can be found by searching the Part Number or Product Name when you create an invoice or sales receipt.

Personalize your Gift Bundles: 

Who doesn’t love a handwritten card or special wrapping? Add a little extra personality to your event gift bundles with a little special touch to show your customers you care. Customers remember the little things that made their day or special event a little more special! Personalizing your product bundles makes it more likely for your customers to remember you the next time they’re celebrating a special occasion.

Heroes Inside Tip: Try offering a “Breakfast in Bed” bundle with skincare products every mom should add to her morning routine!

Create a Campaign or Giveaway: 

Mary Kay’s new Instant Puffiness Reducer is all the rage right now in the Mary Kay community! Why not join in on the celebration by offering a campaign for all of your customers who purchase the Instant Puffiness Reducer in preparation for Mother’s Day.

Try offering a free sample for the 20th customer that purchases the Instant Puffiness Reducer or offer a buy one get one free offer. Special deals around events and celebrations will help you increase sales and show your customers you care about their special day!

Promote Yourself: 

If a tree tries to promote its Mary Kay business in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? We don’t know the answer to this, but what we do know is that if you aren’t promoting your Mother’s Day specials on social media you could be missing out on major sales!

Remember to wish all of your customers (and their spouses) a happy Mother’s Day, seeing your post might remind them they need to grab a few more items for the mom in their life! Eye-catching visuals that promote your Mother’s Day inventory can help you reach a larger audience and increase sales.

Design an Email Marketing Campaign: 

Let UnitWise help simplify your email marketing strategy with customizable emails that can be sent immediately or scheduled for the future.

Playing around with fun fonts, colors, emojis, and photos will add a bit of personality to your email campaign. Remember it’s not too early to start planning for the summer holidays as well. If you know you have special events coming up (June birthdays, the first day of summer, the Fourth of July, etc), add them to your content calendar using the UnitWise Calendar feature.


Our goal at UnitWise is to provide you with expert business advice to help your Mary Kay business succeed! Click here for more cool things you can do within your UnitWise account! We are always ready to help you make the most of your UnitWise account!

This Mother’s Day, your UnitWise Heroes would like to take the time to show our appreciation for all the amazing mothers that comprise our special beauty community! We want to hear from you! Tag us on Facebook so that we can see how you are celebrating Mother’s Day!


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