How-to Tuesday: Navigate your Customer Sales Section with Confidence

With UnitWise, you have access to exclusive features designed to help your Mary Kay business run more efficiently. The Customer Center and customer management features are just one of these great features.

Within your UnitWise account, the Customers tab is broken down into 8 sections. These sections appear as follows: Customer Center, Invoices, Receive Payments, Sales Receipt, Credit/Refund, Contact Group, Emails, and Postage.

Follow along as we take you through each of these sections to help you make the most of the UnitWise Customer Management feature.

Customer Center

The Customer Center allows you to manage your customers, contacts, team members, and leads. Filter customers by active, preferred customers, preferred hostesses, skincare customers, and inactive customers.


Add a new contact, customer, lead, or team member using the “Add New” drop-down list at the top-right corner of your screen. The “Bulk Edit” option is a quick way to edit all of your customer information.


Simply select which group you would like to edit, then double-click through each section to make your desired changes.

Clicking “Copy Email List” will create a list of all of the email addresses for the contact group you have selected. For example, if you are viewing all of your active customers and click “Copy Email List” you will be provided a list of all of the email addresses of your active customers that you can then copy and paste into an email and send out!



An invoice itemizes and records transactions between a buyer and a seller. An invoice is issued once the order has been completed, but before full payment from the customer has been received.

The purpose of an invoice is to notify your customer that payment is due. It will identify the goods and services a customer needs to pay, the terms of payment, and when the payment is due.

The invoice feature in UnitWise should be used when a customer has placed the order but has not paid the full amount yet. Click here to learn how to create an invoice.

Receive Payments

To receive a customer payment, click “Receive Payment.”



Type the customer’s name in the “Customer Name” text box, then click “Look Up.” This will take you to a page with all of your customer’s invoices and sales receipts, as well as their current balance and available credit.


Enter the Payment Type and Deposit Account information, then click “Save” to save the customer’s payment. Click here to learn how to receive a partial payment.

Sales Receipts

A sales receipt acts as proof of payment and records a sale. A receipt includes key transaction information such as when the transaction took place, how much the customer paid, and which payment method was used.

It is good practice to always issue your customer a receipt as this helps both you and the buyer keep track of purchases.

A sales receipt allows you to process customer orders and receive payment from the same screen. Use the sales receipt feature when full payment has been received.

Click here to learn how to create a sales receipt in UnitWise.


Manage all of your customer credits in one place with the Credit section of your Customer Center.


Here, you can view information on all of your customers’ existing credits, the date of transaction, the credit amount, and a memo identifying where the credit is from. Filter credits by month, date range, and alphabetical order of each customer’s name. This goes for refunds from credit as well.


Use the quick actions to the right of each refund to view, edit, or delete each refund.

Contact Group

The Contact Group feature allows you to create segments for your leads, customers, contacts, and team members. Contact Groups are one of the many ways UnitWise saves you time! Seamlessly filter through groups, so that you can find specific customers faster, while also streamlining your email marketing strategy.

The Contact Group feature is a great reminder to take note of your consultant’s and customer’s birthdays and anniversaries. Easily filter through birthday and anniversary months to see which consultants or customers are celebrating special occasions each month.


Use the sidebar located to the left of your screen to see what special events are coming up this month!

To learn more about how utilizing contact groups can help you master your Mary Kay business, click here.


Manage your email marketing strategy from the Customer tab. Here, you can draft a new email, view all of your draft emails, and review previously sent emails.



Did you know that you can print postage directly from your UnitWise account? There is no additional monthly fee to print postage directly from UnitWise!

If you do not have a postage balance you will need to purchase postage.


Do this by entering the amount of postage you intend to buy and then clicking “Buy Postage.” Now that you have a balance, click “Print Postage” on the left sidebar.

From this page, you can see your account balance and the amount of postage you have used. To print postage, enter the recipient details including the recipient's name and delivery address.


Insert the weight of your package and the shipping date, then click “Get Service and Postage Options.” This page will show you shipping options based on the information you provided on the previous page. Click “Continue” when you have selected your preferred shipping method.


Note that for no additional charge you will have the option to select “Delivery Confirmation” or “Signature Confirmation.” Selecting “Delivery Confirmation,” will alert you when your package is delivered and choosing “Signature Confirmation” will alert you when your item was delivered and confirmed with a signature.


Before printing, you will be able to view your postage balance after printing. Once you have reviewed your postage order, click “Print Postage.”


Our goal at UnitWise is to provide you with expert business advice to help your Mary Kay business succeed! Click here for more cool things you can do within your UnitWise account! We are always ready to help you make the most of your UnitWise account!

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