Turkey Day Makeup Tips

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, are you prepared to look flawless for your turkey day feast? Think about it, you’ll be going home to see your grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, and more, so why not give them a beautiful made up face to remember you by?

Plus, family time means photo time. You’ll be in tons of photos with your relatives that will make their way all across social media for everyone on your friend’s list to see, so don’t get caught off guard.

When you go home you’ll be returning to an area where the possibilities of running into someone you know is extremely high. Old neighbors, friends from high school, old teachers, and maybe even your ex(s) may appear, so by having a flawless look you can show them that you’re doing great.

Also, they may ask what you’re wearing giving you the opportunity to push your cosmetics and make sales.

Turkey Day Makeup Tips:

Don’t try something new unless you give yourself time to practice in advance. New makeup techniques and products can be time-consuming to put on, and time is something that there just isn't enough of during the holiday cooking and cleaning rush. Plus, the new look could go wrong, causing you to look a little off and stand out.

However, you can add a little new color and glam to spice things up. Thanksgiving time is all about reds, earth tones, pinks, browns and more. Add shades of cranberry red, orange, or browns to the top of your eyelids, and compliment them with shades of white and beige.

The smokey eye is an easy look to pull off, but instead of using dark and lighter shades of mix things up with dark greys and shades of metallic earth tones.

Also, add some glam to your look by using the shimmering shades that you usually avoid on a daily basis when you have to go to the office or run errands. The holiday season is your time to pop with glitter.

Running around the home to take care of children, nieces, and nephews, cleaning the home, and spending the night before and day of cooking can be exhausting, but you don’t want to look tired, even when you’re worn out. That’s why you should use a nude eyeliner to balance out your red eyeshadow, and then use mascara to open your eyes with a big, energetic look.

Our tans are almost completely faded away, but the people viewing your photos on social media don’t have to know that. Try going a shade darker with your foundation and concealer to give yourself a warm, natural glow. However, be extremely careful not to go too dark!

The turkey won’t be the only thing stuffed! We know everyone indulges and fills up on Thanksgiving, but how will you keep your look intact? Easy, use a primer before applying your makeup, so it will last longer and use a setting spray afterward.

As far as your lips go, pick a nice shade of seasonal red in either a long lasting lipstick or lip stain. You can also put a clear coat of lipgloss on to keep your lip color intact. This way you won’t have to be running off every five minutes to reapply your lipstick.

Is your grandma conservative? If so, we don’t want you to worry her by showing up with too much makeup on. You can give yourself a beautiful natural glow with soft shades of pinks, nudes, and peach. As a result, you’ll look amazing while grandma spoils you with her secret pie recipe.

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