5 Reasons You Should Opt Out of "Free Shipping Labels"

5 Reasons Why You Should Opt Out From Free Shipping LabelsAs small business owners, Mary Kay consultants need to keep tabs on their expenses. To stay competitive, you must provide the best customer service, which often involves shipping products at little or no cost to your customers. MK offers a fantastic service called Customer Delivery Service for Mary Kay shipping needs, known as CDS. The CDS covers the latest products. For any other customer favorites, you need to use your own shipping method. How do you find the best option for your buck? I hear a lot about some merchant services offering free shipping labels to consultants selling Mary Kay. I decided to look into it.

It turns out, it is not free, after all.

Look closer. Someone has to pay a mail carrier to do the job of delivering your package. A merchant service will not charge a fee for you to print shipping labels; as long as you process customer payment via their service also. It’s great if you already use their service! But what if you don’t use it or your customer had already pay you via ProPay, with a check, cash or other means?

UnitWise offers a convenient option of printing your shipping labels.

Reasons To Use UnitWise Postage

UnitWise Postage feature is powered by Endicia, Nation’s leader in Shipping Labels and accessories. Your Mary Kay postage is seamlessly integrated into your UnitWise account.

1. You Are The Boss!

Process your customer payments however you like.

2. Pay As You Go!

Only Pay for the USPS shipping labels that you mail. Did the customer change her mind? No problem! Request a refund with one click and use the credit to print another address label later.

3. Cut Down on Manual Entries!

5 Reasons Why You Should Opt Out From Free Shipping LabelsYou do not need to type customer address and then also your address. Just add customer name, let the program do its magic. Your customers’ details are already in your account. You will receive them automatically from Intouch.

4. Ship Any Size!

Shipping weight options are available for as low as 3 ounces, not starting at one pound like some other services.

5. Get Reports!

Convenient Shipping Costs Report is available for your tax filing needs. It will help you see at a glance how much you spend on your shipping both retail and wholesale.

So, try it now! Log on to your UnitWise account, go to Customers> Postage.

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