50 Unique Ways to Promote your MK Business


With the holidays right around the corner, it is important to stay focused on your goals and with the All in With 8 Challenge officially underway it is your time to shine! But we understand that coming up with unique ways to promote your MK business can be difficult, so to help achieve your goals here are 50 sales promotion and marketing ideas.

Effective Marketing Ideas for MK Directors and Consultants:

1. Create an MK Business Website using UnitWise.
2. Enter current and prospective client information into UnitWise customer profile for your future records.
3. Ask local salons and hairdressers to place your business card at the desk or their station.
4. Place an MK catalog in the employee lounge.
5. Give a catalog to your child's school.
6. Give a catalog to the receptionist at your dentist or doctor's office.
7. For the holidays give free samples to your coworkers and teachers at your child’s school.
8. Advertise in your local newspaper.
9. Offer specials for prom season.
10. Contact local high school cheerleading squad coaches.
11. Host a party or brunch at your office.
12. Place flyers at local pre-schools for working mothers.
13. Set up a display or booth at craft fairs or festivals
14. Mail out business cards, catalogs, and samples to local areas.
15. Ask friends and family to promote your business at work.
16. Give samples to waitresses after eating dinner or lunch.
17. Hold a Christmas or Mother's Day shopping party for men.
18. Build a before and after portfolio.
19. Wear your MK Pin everywhere.
20. Record a professional business message on your voicemail
21. Give your business card to hardworking service members you meet.
22. Open a booth at your local job fair to encourage other women to join MK.
23. Join your local Chamber of Commerce.
24. Create a specialized email marketing campaign.
25. Add your business card to local business bulletin boards.
26. Ask local restaurants to place your business card at the front desk.
27. Contact the local chapter of Girl Scouts. While the kids are in their meeting, moms can have a quick makeover.
28. Visit a local shopping outlet during slow hours and bring your favorite pallets plus discounts.
29. Offer a referral program.
30. Hold a raffle for a collection of MK products.
31. Offer free makeover and skincare consultations.
32. Let your current or prospective clients feel at ease with no pressure.
33. Consider offering free seminars or webinars for makeup tutorials.
34. Offer special promotions for those following your social media accounts.
35. Send out a monthly newsletter to clients.
36. Touch base with previous clients and interest them with new promotions or products.
37. Start a YouTube Channel. Feature yourself, new MK products, and any current promotions.
38. Consider reconnecting with all friends and colleagues.
39. Send out fliers to your neighborhood or apartment complex.
40. Use surveys to book appointments.
41. Offer an advanced class or glamour class for preferred clients at your home.
42. Offer a mini class for those who prefer a small party.
43. Offer special gifts for hostesses with more than five attendees.
44. Advertise wedding parties in the local newspaper and on social media.
45. Contact local bridal shops, catering services, and photography studies.
46. Purchase advertising space in local theater brochures.
47. Bring coffee and donuts to your husband or significant other's place of work and encourage them to take a sample and business back home.
48. Visit local nursing homes. They are the sweetest, and they will love the attention. Treat them right, and they will be your most loyal customers.
49. Offer your services as a makeup artist at local beauty pageants.
50. Add an element of fun in every encounter whether online or in person.

Do you want to make the most out of your holiday sales season or All in with 8 Challenge? Of course, you do! As always, your UnitWise Heroes are here to help you grow your MK Business. Learn how to set and achieve your sales goals at our free online webinar today at 2 EST. Click here to signup and join our Special guest, future executive senior director, Cleta Colson-Eyre.

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