Makeup Trends Summer 2018 You Need to See to Believe

Makeup Trends Summer 2018 You Need to See to Believe
Season after season, we see makeup trends born on the runways trickle down to our daily lives. Today, I am here to introduce the makeup trends of summer 2018 you need to see to believe. Whether you are brave enough to tack the latest bold eyebrow trend or are looking for something a little less dramatic, you will find something that suits. Keep reading, and get ready to ditch your old eyeshadow palette for something a bit more exciting this season.

Makeup Trends Summer 2018 You Need to See to Believe

We have rounded up our favorite summer 2018 makeup trends to share with you, and this is what we found. Whether you are wanting to spice up your summer makeup routine or checking out a local music festival, there is something for everyone. 

Ultra Violet and Magenta Lips

While ultra violet lipstick might very well be the color of the year, we suggest a more magenta-hue purple because it is more flattering on most skin tones. This intense pop of color means you don’t need to go all out for the rest of your makeup. All you need is a barely-there foundation to make a statement.

To achieve this look, we suggest the Limited-Time Offer Pink Changing Lives® Mary Kay® Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick in Powerful Pink. Not only is this a beautiful color but your purchase benefits The Mary Kay Foundation and goes to support women’s shelters and survivors of domestic violence.

Mascara Overload

Skip the fake lashes! It’s time to get back to the basics and load up your natural lashes. Mascara formulas have come a long way in the past few years, so now you can go big without ending up with clumpy lashes. This is one of those looks we took straight from the runway that we love. The goal is to get well-defined loaded lashes for a doll-eyed 1960’s inspired look emphasizing your lower lashes.

What better mascara to use to intensify your look than Lash Intensity® Mascara. We suggest holding your wand vertically rather than horizontally to coat your lashes thoroughly. Wait for the first layer to dry then hold your brush vertically for an eye-popping effect.

Tie-Dye Eyebrow Trend

Well, there had to be one. When it comes to makeup trends, there is always that one strange trend that fascinates and perplexing us. What better way to rock your local music festival than trying a simple, bold eyebrow trend. The best part about this summer trend is all you need is blush and powder. To achieve this look start off by powdering your entire brow with your face powder. This will help to make sure the color doesn’t cling too much. Now for the tie-dye part of this look, gently brush your choice of blush starting on the inner part of your brow and work out. Finish this look by adding a swath of blush to your eyelid crease.

We suggest using the Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color Duo. Not only do you get extra bang for your buck you don’t have to worry about your makeup shifting during the day!

Fall Makeup Trends 2018?

As an MK consultant or director, we understand how important it is to stay up-to-date on the latest makeup trends. During your next consultant meeting, share these makeup trends summer 2018 edition. Share your thoughts below, and for more beauty blogs click here!

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