These Summer Makeup Tips Will Help You Hold Up In The Heat

These Summer Makeup Tips Will Help You Hold Up In The HeatWearing makeup in the summer is a piece of cake––and by that we mean you have to become a piece of cake. You’ve got to keep your frosting intact despite wilting inside. If you’re a southern debutante with decades of practice, summer makeup might be an easy feat, but if you’re dying for summer makeup looks that don’t die in the heat of the day, read on.

Summer Makeup Tips

You’re going to sweat. It’s inevitable, so do what you can to keep your look on lock. Primer is one of the most reliable summer beauty hacks, and your best chance at keeping your face in place. Look for oil-free primers if you can (you’ll be shiny enough this summer). Primer will set your foundation, enabling it to last longer. Apply it before your foundation and concealer, and then step out into the sun without worrying you’ll wilt.

Tell Me Sweet Little Lines

Liquid eyeliner is also a great staple for any of your summer makeup looks. It doesn’t move––even when you want it to (steady hands in application, gals, steady hands…) Learn more about the perks and pitfalls of liquid liner here.

She’s Just Blot That Into You

Even the best summer makeup isn’t invincible; you’ll still need to tone down any unruly shine throughout the day. Whether your go-to is blotting papers, or simply a small reapplication of powder, always have something on-hand to soak up the extra oil. Layers of powder applied over the course of the day are fine, but if you’re worried about being heavy-handed, stick to the blotting papers; they’ll be stuck to you anyway (but that’s their job).

These Summer Makeup Tips Will Help You Hold Up In The Heat

Taking Care Of Your Skin Is Win-Win

Perhaps the best summer beauty hack lies in the foundation, and no, we don’t mean your base layer. Keeping your skin in shape is the best summer beauty tool you have at your disposal. Hydrate, moisturize, and follow these other tips to keep your skin in fighting shape. Take care of your canvas and it will take care of you.

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