How Back-to-School Can Help Your Direct Sale Business

How Back-to-School Can Help Your Direct Sale BusinessThe kids aren’t the only ones getting back to the grind– you should be too. Shake off the summer and get ready to boost sales! Take advantage of the back-to-school season with these direct sale business tips.

Back-to-School Tips For Direct Sale Business

You know the rule: back-to-school means a new look. And while for some people that may entail a new lunch box, for your direct sale business that means freshening up your marketing. Make sure your social media and website have new (but still cohesive) banners to breathe a little life back into them. A new look lets people know you’re still active, and changing profile banners will bring you back up in people’s social feeds.

But there is one part of the makeover for your direct sales marketing that is more important than the rest: adding a “Shop Now” button to your Facebook. You want people to be able to immediately see that they can buy what you’re selling when they visit your profile. The best social media banner in the world won’t do you any good if people leave your website because they can’t find what they’re looking for.

Direct Sales Marketing Makeover

Remember cracking open your brand-new planner on the first day of class (whether you used it all year or abandoned it in September is another story)? Well, you can crack open a planner of sorts for your direct sale business, too! This one just has more bytes than binder rings.

Your best back-to-school tool for direct sales will be a social media planner. Sites like
Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Social Pilot, and others offer free platforms for you to knock out months’ worth of planned social media posts. Sit down with a calendar (real or digital) and plan out the kinds of statuses and/or tweets you’ll need to make and when you would want to post them. You can base these around holidays, planned parties, hostess events, etc. It’s completely up to you!

If looking at the whole year is overwhelming, try scheduling out one month at a time. Once you know what your year looks like, schedule your planned promotions in the social media planner.

Boost Sales With Communication

How Back-to-School Can Help Your Direct Sale Business
Now that school is back in session, people are slipping back into a more predictable routine. Use this to your advantage! Start touching base with potential clients, former clients, fellow PTA parents, distant friends you lost touch with over the summer. You never know when networking could come in handy.

While communication certainly means reaching out, it is also important to communicate with those with whom you already have an established relationship. Remember that it’s okay to ask your family for the time away from them you need to run your business. Ask your team members to observe your work-life balance and try talk to you about business matters during your family time. Lastly, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask your customers if they need to restock when you get a new order of their favorite products in!

Direct Sales Can Mean Doing Your Homework

The last back-to-school tip that applies to direct sales business is immersion. Much like you won’t learn the material if you’re not in class, you won’t really know what your products can do unless you try them yourself. If you can give your own personal testimonial about your products, you have the potential to boost your sales remarkably. So push up your sleeves and try it before you ask people to buy it!


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