Make Sure You Have The Best Eyebrow Makeup In The Room

Make Sure You Have The Best Eyebrow Makeup In The Room
There’s a new brow in town. Last week, British Vogue put Rihanna on their cover...without most of her eyebrows. The message: that skinny brows are back. The best eyebrow makeup in the room is now all makeup and no eyebrow.

Eyebrow shapes have cycled in and out of popularity, but it has always been in-style to have brows that match each other as well as your face. So if you don’t feel like scrambling for the eyebrow shaver just yet, fill your makeup bag with these essentials instead.

Best Eyebrow Makeup Staples

No matter what eyebrow shape you have or brow makeup you are partial to, your makeup bag should always contain these eyebrow makeup essentials:

Pencil– An oldie but a goody, brow pencils are the foundation of eyebrow makeup. You can use them not only to define the shape, but also to fill it in. Short hairlike strokes are recommended to fill darker brows, but blondes can get away with a slightly heavier application.

If you feel that pencil does not add enough dimension to your brow makeup, brow fillers are a great way to get bushy brows without going broke. Fillers are designed not just to cover patches, but also to add highlights/shading to what might appear like the matte drawing of an eyebrow. Fillers can come in in tubes as well as in powdered form.

Make Sure You Have The Best Eyebrow Makeup In The RoomBrow gel– Brow gel functions like mascara for your eyebrows: it volumizes and slicks them into place. Some brands of gel can also act as fillers. Brow gel is often tinted to appear more natural.

Tattoo eyebrow pen– A newer tool on the market, the tattoo eyebrow pen lets you make more hairlike strokes in one go because of its pronged tip. It’s billed as DIY microblading, but the “tattoo” part of “tattoo eyebrow pen” is more because the formula is waterproof and more durable than a typical pencil.

Keep two (or all four) of these tools handy to ensure you always have the best eyebrow makeup in the room. Whether those brows are your signature or a celebrity’s doesn’t matter as long as you feel confident.

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