Proven Ways To Gain New Customers During The Holidays

Proven Ways To Gain New Customers During The Holidays
The holidays are almost here! Everyone is buzzing around, getting ready. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it sure is stressful at times. How do you get the attention of your customers? What holiday marketing strategies should you use? Don’t give in to your hectic schedule. Focus on what is important. You can use this time as an opportunity to grow your business.

Transform someone’s life this holiday season with a business opportunity, beauty tips or the perfect gift for everyone on their list.

For some advice and holiday promotion ideas for Mary Kay consultants, we spoke with Independent Senior Sales Director, Beth Curcio.

5 Tips for Boosting Your Business During Holidays

Beth started selling Mary Kay over 35 years ago, at first, to make some extra money. However, throughout her career it has become so much more: “I have the most fabulous friends from all over the country. I haven't worked for anyone else for 35 years. I've been able to raise my four children without Daycare Centers. This Company has been a blessing in all stages of my life” - says Beth. She enjoys all the benefits of what MK has to offer: “Freedom and loving what you do. Being associated with a Company that puts people first.”

1. Think Outside the Box

Beth moved around the country throughout the years and had customers spread out over multiple states. If you are in the same situation it may not be feasible to hold a traditional open house; you may try a virtual open house to promote your business during the holidays. Beth recommends inviting your local customers over for tea or coffee to check out gift ideas. It’s a fun way to connect with your customers and to showcase new holiday promotions.

2. Prepare

Put together a list of people who usually buy Holiday gifts, and start with that. For your new clients, remember to ask them to fill out the section out whom they would like to purchase gifts for them aka Santas. To be ready for a successful holiday season, Beth’s advice during the holidays is “ Ask, Ask, Ask!”

3. Get to Know Your Clients and Their Preferences

You may have heard during your consultant training that you must know your customers to be able to meet their needs and to grow your business. It’s a great time to review your customers’ Beauty Profiles and skincare questionnaires. Make additional notes and reminders for yourself if needed.

4. Go to Your Customers

Proven Ways To Gain New Customers During The Holidays
Beth says that most of the time she would go to her customers. It helps your customers feel appreciated with this gesture, and it gives you an opportunity to provide the best customers service setting apart from other retailers. She also recommends wrapping the products you deliver even if they are Reorders, that way you make it a wow factor even more.

5. Get Repeat Business in the Year Ahead

You can enclose a $20 gift certificate with their holiday gift to be used before the end of January at their New Look New Year Makeover,- says Beth.

More Holiday Sales Tips & Tricks:

We want to give a special thank you to Beth Curcio for taking the time to share her holiday sales advice. Watch the interview for additional tips and tricks for gaining new customers during the holiday season.

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